Friday, December 14, 2007

Make Our Spirits Lighter

Holy God, bear us upward toward you.

Make our spirits lighter, more joyful.

Teach us how to live without fretting,
without the anxieties that so often obscure
our view of you in your high and holy place,
that heaven which is our true home.
A prayer from the book

In case you are reading this, dear husband or daughter -- I would cherish any book by this author!
Some of his most enduring books include The Everlasting Man, (which led C.S. Lewis to become a Christian) and The Napoleon of Notting Hill (which inspired Michael Collins to lead a movement for Irish independence).

He is quoted by Christians at all ends of the spectrum. G.K Chesterton is an Englishman and a convert to the Catholic faith. He is sometimes referred to as the most unjustly neglected writer of our time. One reason might be his versatility and the inability for modern thinkers, theologians and commentators to pigeonhole him.

In the edition of Advent and Christmas Wisdom, (pictured and linked above) each day's reflection includes a selection from one of Chesterton's finest works, a suitable Scripture verse, an appropriate prayer, and an exercise.

H/T for helping me find this book! A Bit of the Blarney

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