Sunday, December 2, 2007

Forma, Beauty, Faith

I was reading a post by Policraticus over @ Vox-Nova and was overtaken by the pure joy the words evoked in me. I wish I could express myself even half as well as Policraticus.

Here is a very small part of his post (the bolding is mine)- but the part that sent my mind whirling into that wonderful place that is filled with thoughts that are so pregnant with meaning that I am actually able to stay in the moment; all noise around me ceases, all the other things on my mind are stilled and I thank God for letting me understand or revisit something very meaningful to me.

"Does not “form” carry with it the sense of rational intelligibility? It can. But if we recall that the Latin forma does not merely mean “shape” or “contour” and that it irreducibly carries with it the connotation of “beauty,” perhaps we may permit ourselves to be taken with German philosopher, Karl Jasper's “non-rational.” Indeed, if we may appeal momentarily to medieval Christian thought, we represent to ourselves that oft cited, yet oft underdeveloped transcendental known as beauty which never lags far behind truth and goodness.

This notion of the presence of beauty may well be far from what Jaspers detected within himself as he penned his line on the “non-rational.” But the immediate sense he invokes in me refers me to the experience of beauty as spiritual bedazzlement, enrapturing and trepidation that pronounces its distinctiveness from reason and rational appetite. While it may court reason for a time, it never permits reason to have the last word."

How like beauty can be faith! Our intellect (the rational/our reasoning) takes us to a certain point but then faith takes us the rest of the way. ("While it may court reason for a time, it never permits reason to have the last word")

Faith does not need reason to have the last word.
Reasoning is a process of the human brain. The human brain, although quite amazing, still has human limitations and cannot comprehend God. Faith is a gift from God that takes us closest to Him.

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