Monday, December 10, 2007

Creating a Culture of Vocations

I found some wonderful & practical hints for parents who recognize how important it is to raise children in a culture of vocations. This was written by Father Peterson encourages parents to create an environment in which the notion of a call from God is not only capable of being heard but readily responded to. Here are his suggestions but the bolding & graphics are my emphasis:

1. Develop your relationship with Christ and impart a desire for discipleship in the lives of your children.

2. Live your vocation to marriage out as fully as you can.

3. Speak of the influential priests and religious in your life.

4. Provide opportunities for your children to speak with priests and religious.

5. Pray for your children’s vocations that they may understand their call, and place them in the care of the Blessed Mother (especially in praying the Rosary).

6. Help your children develop a wide range of activities and discern what gives them joy and at what they are good.

7. Speak of your children responding, showing your support of them without pushing them.

8. Instill in your children a desire to serve and a proper understanding of stewardship.

9. Inspire a heroic life of virtue in your child by reading the lives of the saints and encouraging moral choices.

10. Develop a sense of the sacred and transcendent in your child – the Good, the True, and the Beautiful – which will reveal the Truth.

The following quote can be found at the top of Father

"All are called by God to love Him
All are called to serve Him
Some are called to special lives of service
to give witness to God's love through being a priest, religious brother or sister.
Is He calling you?"

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