Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Adam & Eve

December 31, Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas

This made me smile when I read it over at Muddy Bathwater....
note: Muddy Bathwater gives credit to another blog; she is trying to find the original source -- feel free to click on over to her blog and try to track it back :-)
Note from Soutenus @ 2pm --- A fellow blogger @ Over the Back Fence has conveniently tracked it back for us! She read it over at Mum2Twelve (a post from 2005!) Good stuff never gets old!

Here's the story!

The children call the day before Christmas -- "Christmas Adam".

Why? "Because Adam came before Eve."

With this in mind, I wish you all a Happy New Year's Adam.

Another note from Soutenus @ 2pm:
Oh! I have to add to this post. . . . This morning my 8 year old son said to Dad, "Happy New Year's Adam!"
Dad, of course, said, "What is New Year's Adam?"
Pabs explained the whole thing and Dad grinned as he understood the joke. "Well," he said gathering excitement and momentum in his voice, "So if today is New Year's Adam and tonight is New Year's Eve. . . . that makes tomorrow. . . ."

And Pabs chimed in "Tuesday!"

While I just ROTFLOL!! (Rolled on the floor laughing out loud!!)

A big H/T & Thank you,
Mum2Twelve, this made our day!


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Cath said...

Reading Muddy Bathwater I remembered where Christmas Adam is from -- Christi's blog! This is her first post mentioning it:

Happy New Year's Adam to you, too!

Cath said...

Let's see if this works:

Christi's post

Soutenus said...

Cath! Way to go. AND the link worked! How were you able to put that in the comments?
I added your info to the post. It feels so cool to track back to something from 2005.
I'm going to stop in over at Christi's blog and let her know!
Thank you so much!

Cath said...

I don't know enough about HTML to be able to just put a link into a comment, so I have a back up plan. I created a post and assigned it a date in the future so it would always be at the top of my list of posts and then save it as a draft. Whenever I need a link for a comment, I go to that draft post, write the phrase I want to link to, and then create the link as usual. Then I switch from Compose mode to Edit HTML and copy it. Then all that is left to do is paste that into the comment I want to leave.

Sounds a little complicated when trying to explain it, but it really isn't that hard.

Soutenus said...

OK, so that makes perfect sense. Ingenious, too. Let's see if I did this correctly :
Cath's Over the Fence website.

Cath said...

Great job! I came here from your comment on my site.

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