Monday, November 12, 2007

Well then, it must be safe!

"Just because it is on a store shelf doesn't make it safe."

I say that at least once a week . . . let me elaborate on that, "Just because it is advertised does not make it safe."

This ad is a real vintage ad. What will our grandchildren be looking at and shaking their heads at in dismay?
Viagra, Tylenol, Aspartame, Lindane, Q-15, Chicken Pox vaccine, Lipitor, Hormones in milk, Formula for babies, Lysol . . .

Don't expect Uncle Sam to be watching your back! Remember that the U.S. government does not require manufacturers to list the ingredients on the label of products that are used for family, household or personal care -- Yes, that's right; they do not even have to tell us what is them.
AND -- products that KILL up to 50% of lab animals by inhalation, ingestion or absorption can still receive the federal regulatory label of "non-toxic."


Joyce Paul said...

Good post -- Hindsight is 20/20 but we don't always apply the lessons we have learned from the past. I am astounded at how people avoid learning about what is healthy and what is not. Denial does NOT lessen the dangers of so many of the things we use, breathe and eat. Even a little knwoledge can be life saving. Little changes are better than none. BTW -- love your other blog "The Best Nest"

Izzy said...

Cool graphic -- It kind of says it all!

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