Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Censor Here

I read a funny post (then I scrolled and read another and another and another -- you know how that goes?!) over at I Have to Sit Down.

The main idea (that I took away from it) is that we are often censor ourselves according to the people around us. Yes, we do -- all of us do, at least to some extent. Part of that is just good manners and being sensitive to others. For example:

  • I do not discuss the horrors of abortion when around little children
  • I never talk about Harry Potter with a couple of my friends
  • I don't talk at length about how wonderful I think our school is (private Catholic) when I am with friends who send their kids to public school. They already KNOW how much I love our school -- I have already invited them to come!
  • I do not rant on and on about how much I detest TV when I am at my in laws and they have the big screen on 24/7
  • I bite my tongue when friends (who already know my stance on fast food) take their kids to MickyDs -- although they may get a big *sigh!* or eye rolling.
Sometimes we censor ourselves for totally different reasons. . . . for example:
  • people might think us odd or
  • it might start a conversation we do not want to attempt
Well, I, am resolving to avoid censoring myself in the latter cases. I am going to try to say what I feel is right and just . . . .let people think me odd and let the uncomfortable conversations begin! With a prayer and a spirit of thoughtfulness I am going forth -- wish me the best!

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