Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Ready for this? In Sydney, Australia, not even one "Ho" (as in "Ho! Ho! Ho!") can be said by the gift giving, bearded man in a red suit. Yes, political correctness has gone so far as to say that the common greeting of Santa is now out of the picture. It is a shame that a social slur would take away the innocence of an exclamation!
At this rate they'll be changing the name for a real garden hoe to ground grabber. I guess then they'll have to change the name of the -Ho-tel industry. Obviously we don't want a place that advertises prostitution around. But oh wait, got to hit the fire fighters too, can't be calling the water lines that they save lives with "hoses".
In times like these let's not forget what's really important, being the first one in line to buy the latest lead coated toxic toy made by virtual slaves in another country.
(Hat tip for this tidbit to: Yahoo news and the commenters!)

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