Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Golden Compass

A movie called, "The Golden Compass" is to be released this December. It stars Nicole Kidman and will be highly marketed around the world. We need to get the word out about this movie
~~> an atheist produced it (just a fact to lend background info to what I have to tell you next)
it is marketed for children and
~~> in the end they kill God.

The series' author, Philip Pullman, is an avowed atheist who has averred that "I don't profess any religion; I don't think it's possible that there is a God." Critics of Pullman's books point to the strong anti-religion and anti-God themes they incorporate, and although literary works are subject to a variety of interpretations, Pullman left little doubt about his intentions when he said in a 2003 interview with The Sydney Morning Herald that "My books are about killing God." (Conservative British columnist Peter Hitchens labeled Pullman "The Most Dangerous Author in Britain" and described him as the writer "the atheists would have been praying for, if atheists prayed.")

Please pass the word along - many unsuspecting parents will be taking their children to see this movie - it is important to unmask the truth about its meaning.

Here is part of what The Catholic League's writes about on this subject -- even if you do not like the reputation of The Catholic League -- it is still good info.:

"A film called "The Golden Compass" opens December 7. It is based on the first book of a trilogy titled His Dark Materials. The author of this children's fantasy is Philip Pullman, a noted English atheist. It is his objective to bash Christianity and promote atheism. . . TO KIDS.

"The Golden Compass" is a film version of the book by that name, and it is being toned down so that Catholics, as well as Protestants, are not enraged.

The second book of the trilogy, The Subtle Knife, is more overt in its hatred of Christianity than the first book, and the third entry, The Amber Spyglass, is even more blatant. Because "The Golden Compass" is based on the least offensive of the three books, and because it is being further watered down for the big screen, some might wonder why parents should be wary of the film.

The film is bait for the books: unsuspecting parents who take their children to see the movie may be impelled to buy the three books as a Christmas present. And no parent who wants to bring their children up in the faith will want any part of these books.

Note from Soutenus: I believe it is important that all Christians, especially those with children or grandchildren, read the booklet that can be ordered here. Anyone who does will be armed with all the ammo they need to let friends and family members know that there is nothing innocent about Pullman's agenda. Though the movie promises to be fairly non-controversial, it may very well act as an inducement to buy Pullman's trilogy, His Dark Materials. And remember, his twin goals are to promote atheism and denigrate Christianity. TO KIDS. Our school is pulling any reading books, picture books, activity books, stickers or promo materials for The Golden Compass that Scholastic sends our way. Adding this to the list of books that we pull from our Scholastic Book fairs, I want our school to discontinue ANY sales in partnership with Scholastic but that is not to be quite yet.

For snopes fans:
Even the site has verified this.

Please get the word out.


glerdo said...

nice piture

Soutenus said...

Yes, the picture makes it seem like such a harmless movie -- That is so deceptive. And to think I used to look forward to Nicole Kidman movies. Not anymore!

Lisa said...

Hey, Peggy! Thanks for the heads up on this! So nice seeing you over at AWTY!

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