Thursday, October 18, 2007

Please pray for this family

Please stop whatever you are doing (at least for a moment) and say a prayer for this friend of a friend. We are a people of faith. God works through the lives of ordinary people to show us His glory so upon saying that, please keep this family in your prayers.

Several months ago, Stacey was diagnosed with cancer; she had a huge tumor growing on her brain. She has been undergoing intensive chemotherapy for months, and although she was nearing the end of her treatment, with a miraculous recovery – the cancer is undetectable, and this week she found out that she is 18 weeks pregnant. Not knowing this, she had been exposing the baby boy to chemo his whole life.
She said: “But our devastating news was when I told my doctors that I was going to take a drug holiday during the pregnancy. I asked what their opinion was on the temodar regarding the baby and the drug holiday. That is when everything changed for us. They said that the chemo that I am on is the most devastating for a baby - it breaks down and inhibits the DNA. There is only one other chemo that would be effective for me was equally as harmful as it breaks down the blood vessels. They think this baby will have MAJOR ISSUES. They said that if I would stop the chemo I would die - most likely during pregnancy , if not, soon after. So they said basically, one of you or both of you die. And we will not treat you during the pregnancy if you don’t terminate.”
Here is Stacey’s decision: “I am going off chemo for 10 weeks and will deliver the baby at 28 weeks. So beg our Lord to protect me during this time so the tumor does not grow back and then ask for a miracle for our baby boy and that he is able to survive…”
And then she adds, “This has been so difficult for us and we are praying that we are doing the right thing. Pray esp. for Joey - he is dying inside.”
So, please, please pray for Stacey, Joey, and their two children, Mercedes, 4, and Joey, 2, and this new little one. They are undergoing an heroic struggle right now and don’t know what to expect.


Lisa said...

Oh, what a heartbreaking struggle! I'll pray for this family in my rosary today. God must have special faith in them to give them so heavy a burden.

Soutenus said...

I am ashamed that I feel sorry for myself sometimes when things get a little "bumpy" in my life. Thank you for your prayers for this family.

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