Monday, July 16, 2007

Let Your Life Speak

I grew up in the northeast, in a geographic area rich with Quakers. I now live in The Lone Star State . . . I miss their influence!

The Quakers have a saying, "Let your life speak."

I believe it is worth some serious thought.
What does my life speak?
What do I want it to speak?


matseliso said...

wasn't it Francis of Assisi who said "Preach always; when necessary use words"?
It's really the same thought being expressed, isn't it?.....that our actions, which involve our time and intent, speak volumes about our values. Whether we realize it or not we are constantly setting an example for others be it positive or negative..

Soutenus said...

Preach always; when necessary use words! I LOVE that!
Thank you, Matseliso.

It is indeed the same thought being expressed.

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