Friday, June 29, 2007

Sr Mary Chainsaw

A dear friend of mine is Iraq. He keeps in touch via email. I wax on with sentimentality and estrogen laden concern and he balances with humor. Here is a partial response to one of my emails to him. It is telling through its humorous prose!

His old blog was called Sr. Mary Chainsaw. Obviously he has not been able to keep it going at present!

I expect to re-patriate to my beloved Deep East Texas in November. I have
reached the conclusion that these Iraqi's just don't play well together. We've
tried sending them to their rooms, tried the "All is forgiven" pizza
party....nothing seems to work.

Seriously....what they resent the most is our trying to tell them how to
treat their women. We should have left that "Hot Button" alone. My Iraqi friends ask me how many wives I have. When I answer only one they are very embarrassed for asking. Having only one wife is a sure fire indication that I am both wretchedly poor and socially outcast.
We might be able to perform a cultural transformation on these nice people but I'd rather bet my mercenary booty on high-flying pigs or a snowstorm in Jamaica.

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