Sunday, May 27, 2007

Old Testament Crossword Puzzle

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Old Testament Books Crossword Puzzle

Which Old Testament books are not in this puzzle?

1. There are two of these books, and they contain the story of David. (6)

3. One of two prophetic books that start with a Z. (9)

6. The story of Samson is in this book. (6)

7. He was the cupbearer of Artexerxes. (8)

8. This prophetic book is found between the books of Micah and Habakkuk. (5)

10. His wife's name was Gomer. (4)

11. He saw a vision of a wheel in a wheel. (7)

13. The last book of the Old Testament (7)

15. Naomi's daughter-in-law (4)

16. A record of kings (5)

17. Peter quoted this prophet on Pentecost. (4)

18. This book tells the history of the 10 plagues. (6)

20. A book of wise sayings (8)23. The story of Noah is found in this book. (7)

24. He was thrown into a lion's den. (6)

25. The only book of the Bible that starts with the letter O. (7)

26. The was called the weeping prophet. (8)

27. It follows the book that tells of a man swallowed by a big fish. (5)

28. It is called the Song of ________. (7)

2. It is about sacrifices and laws (9)

3. This book follows the book that has 3 Ks. (9)

4. This book only has 2 chapters. (6)

5. The word comes from the census of the people. (7)

9. There are three Ks in the name of this book. (8)

11. She was a beautiful queen (6)

12. This book is know for the quote "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity." (11)

14. Two books of the history of kings (10)

17. The story of Jericho is in this book (6)

19. This book is know for the prophecies of the Messiah. (6)

20. Poetry put to music (6)

21. He carried a letter to Jerusalem from the king of Persia (4)

22. He tried to run away from God (5)

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