Friday, May 11, 2007


HERMOSILLO, Mexico — After climbing a hill, three young men knocked at the dilapidated door of the only house in this outlying rural area. There was no reply from inside — but one of the boys happened to look through the window and saw a man in bed. He didn’t look well.
Half an hour later, a priest administered the last rites to the dying man just a few minutes before he passed away.

There are a lot of stories like this after the door-to-door missions organized by Youth and Missionary Families for the Third Millennium, an international network of lay missionaries sponsored by the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi, the Legion’s movement of apostolate.

You can read the rest of this article here. In this article Legionary Father Alfonso Aguilar shares his experiences from the door-to-door “Megamissions” organized by Youth and Missionary Families for the Third Millennium.


PBXVI said...

Are you apart of Regnum Christi by any chance?

Soutenus said...

I am not a part of Regnum Christi although many of my friends are. I am not sure it is the lay order for me. But I respect and admire their work, mission statement and devotion.

PBXVI said...

Thanks. I was just wondering. I am apart of Regnum Christi myself, but it is not necessarily for everyone. I enjoy the commitments as it keeps me on task in my spiritual commitments. God Bless!

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