Monday, May 14, 2007

The 7 Things Meme

Lucy has tagged me for this meme. Memes are flying around the blogsphere like fireflies at dusk! Don't know about you, but I'm always up for a bit of fun.

First, the Rules: People who are tagged start by thinking about 7 random facts/habits about themselves. Each player then must write about those seven things on their blog, as well as include these rules. Players then need to choose 5-7 people to tag and list their names. Remember to leave each person a comment telling them they’ve been tagged.

1. I was a gypsy in the Renaissance Faire for a couple of years. I marveled at the simplicity & freedom of the lifestyle. The arts abounded like wild flowers and creativity was sparked and encouraged in every nook and cranny of the faire.

2. I went to Texas A&M, as a teacher, kicking & silently screaming. . . but it ended up being a fantastic doorway into a new adventure! After less than a semester I fell madly in love with the school, the students and everything about the school. You will only understand this if you know Aggies. I still feel a deep bond to the school.

3. I like to re-create myself. This can be detrimental if abused or a huge advantage for new endeavors. A friend once watched "Housesitter" (starring Steve Martin & Goldie Hawn) and told me I could BE that character if I gave into my re-creation tendencies. At first I thought it was a kind of cool compliment and then I realized that the character lied (BIG LIES) to re-create herself and I was appalled at his inference. I am pretty sure he meant in the best possible way?! I HATE deception but I love new adventures and totally new endeavors, especially the ones that put me out on a limb and challenge me.

4. I have to keep the salt and pepper shakers together. If they are "apart" I feel obligated to put them together (even in restaurants). If you ask me to, "pass the salt," I will send you the salt and pepper together.

5. I love to be alone (with my family) in the country really, really F A R from "civilization."

6. I have recently become a vegetarian. This is a very strange occurrence for me, the gal who loved RARE steaks for more than 20 years.

7. In my deepest prayer that is not structured meditation . . . . when I pray silently . . . . . I usually do not pray in words. I know it probably sounds weird, but I pray best - in dance (in my mind).

I am tagging:
Joelle (private blog)
Sidney (private email)
Julie (new to the blog world - should be up and running soon)

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