Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saute in Open 5th

Saute means jump.
Jump means both feet leave the floor at the same time and return to the floor at the same time.

I believe that when God asks something of me I must be ready to act. No holding back. I have done that before, you know, hold back . . . it NEVER works.

To trust God is to jump, metaphorically speaking! Both feet leave the floor at the same time. Letting God decide when and where and how high.

Feet are stretched in an open 5th position.
Stretched: As in reaching. As in trying to reach a place or a way of life or a goal .... maybe even going past "normal" physical limits with training and practice to come closer to that "place."

Open 5th position.
5th position is one of the strongest and aesthetically pleasing positions in dance. Opening up 5th position in all practicality allows for added stability. But symbolically it represents an openness to change as God directs and wills.
A saute in an open 5th position is the most perfect symbol of my yearning to be what God wants me to be.

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Isadora Duncan said...

WOW that is so cool. I am a dancer (I am sure you could tell by my screen name) and I am a drummer. I love how your mind works in this post. This kind of analogy is perfect for me; I know other artists "get it", too.

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