Thursday, March 8, 2007

Christa Lilly

Christa Lilly

Doctors call it a miracle. A Southern Colorado woman who was in a vegetative state for more than six years, talked for the first time.

Christa Lilly has since relapsed.

"The good Lord let me know she's alright, He brings her back to visit every so often and I'm thankful for that," her mother & chief care-giver said.
Lilly had a heart attack then a stroke. That's the last thing she remembers. It was November of 2000, when Lilly slipped into a vegetative state, which is essentially like a coma, but with the eyes open. Lilly was unconscious and unaware of her surroundings.

During the short time she was awake, Lilly said, "I think it's wonderful. It makes me so happy."

“This is a miracle,” Lilly's neurologist, Dr. Randall Bjork, said. He says he's as surprised as everyone else. "This is all mystical and I can't explain it."

"I never gave up on my daughter and I never will," Christa's mother said.
And she hopes and prays this time next year, Christa will be back for good.

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