Sunday, February 4, 2007

Regnum Christi Retreat

I went to a Regnum Christi retreat this past weekend. I have facilitated many youth retreats and directed camps for various churches but I have never gone to a retreat myself.
I do not know what I expected -- I truly went with total openness and hope for, at the very least, personal time with God. I could hardly wait to have almost 2 whole days away from worldly worries and responsibilities to just be with God.

It was everything I hoped for and ..... much more. Surprising to me, it was hard! I did so much spiritual work that I felt exhausted... at times I felt afraid of my own sinfulness .... but mostly so very safe and loved by Jesus.

I felt the love of my parents (both have died), I felt the miles of road behind me and the path they set for me and I praise God for all the obstacles and for all the suffering.

I felt Jesus and Mary right there with me. I think they felt so present and tangible because I was paying attention. Maybe because I was allowing time to listen more in my prayer. Did I mention this was a silent retreat?

During Mass today the Sisters at The Carmelite Prayer House Convent sang from their pews (no fancy choir) and their voices sounded to me like angels. I was in this midst of a community of women who live to serve God . . . . Of course I knew that but I don't think I really understood before.

If you have not gone on a Catholic retreat I humbly but fervently encourage you to do so.


Joelle said...

I am glad you had a good time. I suppose partly because I am a teenager, I can not image spending a whole weekend in silence. But if it works miracles for you then I think it's wonderful. Welcome Home.

Soutenus said...

Thanks for the "Welcome Home"! I sure hope I can hang onto the serenity and the very real graces I was given. I want everyone I meet to be able to feel Gods's love through me. My Mom used to say that is one of the best ways to evangelize -- Just Live It. Isn't that a song!? :-)
You know, it was more than the silence that made the retreat so wonderful....that just happened to be one of the paths or tools to help me find such depth, reality and joy.

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