Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI

Over at Evangelical-Cathlolicism they have a cool idea: Buy a Shirt – Help the Poor. Here is an example of one tee shirt's message:

Don't you wish the leader of your church...

  • Preached to you about having a personal friendship with Christ.
  • Was the shepherd of souls for over 55 years
  • Played piano, preferring Mozart and Beethoven
  • Had written two doctoral dissertations to date
  • Had taught Christian theology at 4 different universities
  • Had written over 40 books on Christianity which have already been translated into 5 languages
  • Had been given 7 honorary doctorates from universities around the world
  • Could speak 6 languages fluently
  • Could read the Bible in the original Hebrew and Greek
  • Could bring together 1 million young people on one Sunday morning
  • Waged war against relativism and secularism
  • Owned an iPod
  • Had an undying commitment of to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Pope Benedict XVI

Like I said, over at Evangelical-Cathlolicism they have a very cool idea: Buy a Shirt – Help the Poor!

Great shirts and even a mug!
There are pictures of the shirts and a clear explanation of where the monies go.

More details from Evangelical-Cathlolicism :

Many Catholic
bloggers design t-shirts and other memorabilia through We have also designed a number of items for purchase through our Consider Catholicism Shop, some of which are featured below. We deliberately marked up the shirts $1.00 over retail cost so that we can donate all profits from the items we have designed to the poor. For every item you purchase, $1.00 is donated to the Christian Foundation for Children and the Aging, a Catholic organization that suppports missions throughout the world. The rest of what you pay goes to CafePress, which manufactures the items. Thus, Katerina and I receive absolutely no profit for anything you purchase from our store. We make no money off your purchase. Every purchase you make directly benefits the CFCA; you get the cool Catholic shirt or mug, CFCA gets a little help.

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