Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Catholic AND pro-abortion??

January 05, 2007
Breaking News

(Washington D.C.) Roto Reuters - Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has suffered a concussion as a result of her crashing through the marble ceiling yesterday. She still shows signs of confusion in that she thinks she can be both Catholic and pro-abortion, though this is probably a pre-existing condition.

I found this post at: http://www.splendoroftruth.com/curtjester/

Comment by a friend who read this post:
"No problem. Cognitive function is a non-essential factor in left wing politics. It's all about feelings. When asked by a BBC reporter " What would be the one big idea that would be introduced by the new Congress to change the course of the war in Iraq?", Ms.Pelosi, after a long pause, answered: " We will excercise considerably more oversight" .No kidding. I heard it myself.More carping and whinning, second guessing and monday morning quarterbacking......but...take a position? Actually risk a constructive idea? That would make them responsible for an outcome. And that...........ain't gonna happen."

I can add nothing to that -- are my politics showing?

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